quinta-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2008

Celestial 4x4 and ATC for Theme Thursday

I'm basically a beginner as far as mixed media projects are concerned because most of my A4 collages only have paper elements. I know that these won't be in the Theme Thursday sampler because it's Thursday already and another theme will be posted today, but I still find it worth to post them. I spent the week thinking about the angel ATC, but no sooner than today did I find some time to make it. As for the 4x4, I realised there's no one more celestial than Mother Mary, so I've decided to pay Her a kind of tribute. To prevent the 4x4 from looking kitsch (due to some gaudy colours in Our Lady's picture), I photocopied the picture and coloured some parts of it with softer colours and only coloured the clouds of the "frame". Nevertheless, I might still post the first version I'd thought of (with the original picture in its original size and the photocopy more substantially coloured.)
Sorry I didn't crop the pictures, but right now I don't have photoshop installed.

Comments are welcome. Thank in advance!

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Kaz disse...

that 4x4 is absolutely stunning, really gorgeous work.