quinta-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2008

The roaring 20s - inching artists

Here are my inchies for the current inching artists theme - the roaring20s.

The inchie on the left is made of wrapping paper and transparent beads (meant to symbolize diamonds). The one in the middle consists of an overlapped stamp and wrapping paper cuttings and the one on the right is a magazine cutting with tule and beads.

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Thanks in advance!

Celestial 4x4 and ATC for Theme Thursday

I'm basically a beginner as far as mixed media projects are concerned because most of my A4 collages only have paper elements. I know that these won't be in the Theme Thursday sampler because it's Thursday already and another theme will be posted today, but I still find it worth to post them. I spent the week thinking about the angel ATC, but no sooner than today did I find some time to make it. As for the 4x4, I realised there's no one more celestial than Mother Mary, so I've decided to pay Her a kind of tribute. To prevent the 4x4 from looking kitsch (due to some gaudy colours in Our Lady's picture), I photocopied the picture and coloured some parts of it with softer colours and only coloured the clouds of the "frame". Nevertheless, I might still post the first version I'd thought of (with the original picture in its original size and the photocopy more substantially coloured.)
Sorry I didn't crop the pictures, but right now I don't have photoshop installed.

Comments are welcome. Thank in advance!

My first ATC

Collages have been one of my favourite pastimes for years, but this is my very first Artist Trading Card.

domingo, 20 de janeiro de 2008

Love inchies

I guess I got a bit carried away... I was supposed to make nine inchies but I ended up making 24! :-) I obviously have some favourite ones, but making a choice won't be easy when time comes to mail 8 for the inchie swap... I suppose it would be easier to send 16 instead of 8. ;-)

My first inchie

My very first inchie for my very first inchie swap. ("Love" was the chosen theme.)


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