segunda-feira, 31 de março de 2008

Dancing shoes ATC

I sent this ATC to Joanne Wardle.
I stamped the background with the border of a flower stamp and used tule and glitter glue for a shining effect.
I realise now that I probably made a mistake when I wrote "dancing shoes". I meant to say "dance shoes", but I guess it's kind of funny to imagine magical shoes that dance on their own instead of normal shoes you wear when you dance.

Book thong for a swap

Bible thong.

I sent one similar to this to Joanne Wardle who always organises great inchie swaps. Unfortunately, when I made hers I still hadn't bought the round beads which I then placed above the angels. My mom is not much of a reader, but when she saw me making this she asked me to make her a similar one...

Bookmarks for a swap - part 2

I crocheted these with Ancora (Coats and Clark) thread yarn no.12. The pattern is the same in both bookmarks, but the rosy-white thread makes it look a bit confusing. To make up for that, I added some beads to the fringe.

domingo, 30 de março de 2008

Bookmarks for a swap - part 1

I've been making bookmarks for a swap at I can't wait to know who my swap partners are so that I can personalise the remaining bookmarks. What you can see here is the front and the back of the same bookmark. The beautiful angels stamp is by "Marks of distinction."
Comments are welcome!

Text - make a moo

This week's challenge at Make a moo or two is text. I made this moo with some leftovers of the bird inchies. Thanks for looking!

Bird inchies

I made some of these for Joanne's inchie swap whose theme was birds. As usual, it was great fun making the inchies. Nevertheless, it was hard to decide which ones to send...When I put them together they looked so good that I immediately thought of framing them, which meant that I had to do some extra similar inchies for the swap.

quinta-feira, 27 de março de 2008

Fashion inchies - Theme Thursday

I wanted to make an ATC on fashion for Think Monday Think ATC a few weeks ago, but I was too busy at the time, so instead I made two fashion inchies for Theme Thursday whose challenge was moos or inchies.

Words - God - inching artists

Last week at inching artists the challenge was to make an inchie including a word or words that were inspirational. I immediately thought of God, but I didn't know where to find a picture that somehow symbolised God. Then I remembered I had a lovely blue paper with tiny stars that had been given to me by a very nice lady called Célia Nunes who attends painting classes with me. I tried to make the inchie in a way that it looks like God is smiling and winking. One of the eyes is closed and the other eye is a heart. I didn't have a red heart eyelet, so I tried to paint the eyelet with a red marker. The result was a bit messy, but then again if you see it as God's heart bleeding out His love for humankind, it makes sense.
I'm so sorry I'm posting this inchie so late, especially because I had made it last weekend, but time just slipped out of my hand like sand these past few days and there were things more important than my crafts that couldn't be postponed...

Spring inchies

I sent some of these spring inchies off to Joanne's spring swap a long while ago, but I ended up forgetting to post a "family picture".

segunda-feira, 10 de março de 2008

Green and silver - Inching Artists

I wanted very much to take part in this week's challenge at inching artists because the theme (green and silver) sounded like an easy one and inchies are always lots of fun to do. However, due to lack of time, I ended up putting two challenges together, as this inchie will also be part of the set of bird inchies I'm making for this month's inchie swap organised by Joanne.