quinta-feira, 27 de março de 2008

Words - God - inching artists

Last week at inching artists the challenge was to make an inchie including a word or words that were inspirational. I immediately thought of God, but I didn't know where to find a picture that somehow symbolised God. Then I remembered I had a lovely blue paper with tiny stars that had been given to me by a very nice lady called Célia Nunes who attends painting classes with me. I tried to make the inchie in a way that it looks like God is smiling and winking. One of the eyes is closed and the other eye is a heart. I didn't have a red heart eyelet, so I tried to paint the eyelet with a red marker. The result was a bit messy, but then again if you see it as God's heart bleeding out His love for humankind, it makes sense.
I'm so sorry I'm posting this inchie so late, especially because I had made it last weekend, but time just slipped out of my hand like sand these past few days and there were things more important than my crafts that couldn't be postponed...

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