quarta-feira, 2 de julho de 2008

A gift from Patty

I've just received this stunning gift from Patty! The metal ATC is gorgeous! - I love the woman's face and the colours - and the extra moo where patty wrote a note is just adorable too! It is so sweet! I was expecting the ATC but I didn't expect it to come wrapped in such a beautiful package. Unfortunately I was so eager to see the ATC that I forgot to take a photo of the package. So I tried to wrap it up in the same way Patty had to show you how beautiful it was. I'm also very happy about the stamps on the envelope. They're beautiful too and none of them is double, which is great. (For those of you who don't know, I collect postage stamps.)

On a day when I found out that I'll have to take the Strategic Management exam again and I almost lost my car key at the cinema (it fell off my pocket and I had to come back to the room and look for it after the film - "Made of Honor" - was over), receiving this gift really made my day! Many thanks Patty!

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~*~Patty disse...

Ooh, such a Lovely thank you Ana! I am so happy the package found its way to you :) I did especially ask the lady at the post office to put some pretty stamps on because I was sending this to an artist! I did not know you collect stamps as well! Too bad the US doesn't use regular glue anymore, so peeling the stamps off is much more difficult! Not sure I mentioned that the little plants on the moo card are pressed Thyme and Fern from our garden. What you wrote is SO sweet (nice photos too!), I am going back for another look ooxoo