quarta-feira, 6 de maio de 2009

Collage - Saturday workout.

"Collage" is the theme at Saturday's Workout. Before there was blogland in my life there was "collage land". :-) . It wasn't easy to choose a collage to display here, though, because I really enjoy most of the collages I've made through the years... Making collages is so much fun!  This is just one of the many I made when I was a university student and it was the cover of the diary I kept back in 1994, so like most of my collages it's A4-sized - about 8"x12".

Just in case you're wondering, the photocopied handsome guy was the late actor Montgomery Clift, my favourite actor ever since I watched Alfred Hitchcock's "I confess" - Absolutely dazzling! (Monty Clift, not Hitchcock, of course.) :-) At the time all I had from Monty was a magazine clipping, which I considered too valuable to "spoil" in a collage... go figure... LOL

Thanks for looking!

3 comentários:

Sandy disse...

Wow this is unbelievable.
Stunning collage. Love it.

Thanks Jasmin for your collage to SaWo.

Rein disse...

Great collage!

Anónimo disse...

Great collage